Rapid Innovation &
Exceptional Support

Through a cycle of rapid innovation and exceptional support, we work with customers to gain insights that drive techniques and technology forward, then help smooth and accelerate the adoption of improvements – so we can improve diagnostics together to protect animal and human health.


Innovating with customers to improve existing technologies, develop new technologies, and respond quickly to emerging threats.

Improving diagnostics


Supporting our customers adoption of new technologies to help improve test accuracy, workflow efficiency, and supply certainty.

Redefining Reliability

As diagnostic testing evolves, and growing demand for animal-based products increases the complexity and scale of threats from disease, labs are pressed to match the pace of change. To fulfil the needs to your customers, you need reliable results faster and more efficiently.

Ensuring reliability, now more than ever, means more than consistently accurate testing. It means looking beyond products to optimizing the most important aspects of lab operations.

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Improving the specificity, selectivity, and consistency of tests, while maintaining and surpassing accreditation standards in the countries we serve.

Improving protocols to improve the versatility and speed of lab operations – always ensuring compliant, smooth transitions to new ways of working.

Improving supply management to reduce waste and ensure availability during outbreaks – reliably delivering when and where you need us.

Test Accuracy

Being relied upon for accurate testing every day requires absolute confidence in the results produced. That is why we work hands-on in our lab, and with our customers, to refine every step of the testing process improving test accuracy and reliability to ensure your results can be counted on.

From sensitivity improvements gained through new ELISA concepts, to true PCR multiplexing for the simultaneous detection of weak and strong co-infections, we have developed industry-leading diagnostic solutions that span sample preparation to result.

Produced at our world-class facility in Leipzig, Germany, our extensive ELISA and PCR portfolios bring the latest technology and development to laboratories.

Workflow efficiency

Rarely does the day feel long enough to address all testing needs in the time available. We obsess over our customers’ needs to develop and improve workflows, enabling you to enhance your performance in meaningful ways.

Our understanding of how labs work sets us apart. From the development of faster diagnostic protocols with fewer handling steps, to the design and implementation of automation solutions, we operate at the intersection of molecular diagnostics and vet specific applications to innovate in areas specific to your needs.

Our proven workflows are a valuable tool in removing bottlenecks and optimizing testing for how you work – so you can test the way that is best for you.

How we are improving workflow efficiency:

  • Faster protocols with fewer handling steps
  • Overnight protocols to utilize time away from the lab
  • High-volume protocols for test pooling

Supply Certainty

Product availability can a be crucial factor in response time during outbreaks, while on a normal day, supply management can take valuable time away from the most important tasks. That is why we take the reliable supply of our kits seriously.

In addition to growing our teams globally, we develop strong partnerships with local distributors in the countries we serve, to get as close to our customers as possible – so we can improve diagnostics together, no matter where you are located.

To ensure you can always perform the tests you need, we monitor your usage to be sure your most used products are in stock, and offer prompt, reliable worldwide delivery. In instances where response time is critical, our production and logistics management is flexible enough to ensure delivery, so you can ramp up testing when circumstances require it.

How we are improving supply:

  • Supply management based on your usage
  • Safety product stock for reliable access during outbreaks
  • Global distribution network for fast worldwide delivery