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African Swine Fever – diagnostics, management, and eradication

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The Polish experience: In this exclusive INDICAL webinar, renowned African Swine Fever expert Prof. Grzegorz Wolzniakowski shares his insights into the current situation as well as diagnostic and eradication measures taken in Poland to fight the disease. In addition, Dr Carsten Schroeder gives a brief overview of INDICAL’s molecular solutions for ASFV extraction and identification.

Duration | 1 h 30 min 59 sec
Language | English

Featuring a presentation by Prof. Jean-Luc Guerin on Avian Influenza in Europe: Feedback and challenges for the future. In addition, Dr. Erik Karlsson provides an overview on field-forward technologies, advanced diagnostics, and alternate sample types used for surveillance in Asia-Pacific. 

Duration | 1 h 06 min
Language | English

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Mycoplasma bovis – disease, diagnosis and control

Mycoplasma bovis is an important pathogen of cattle, causing significant impact on cattle health and milk production worldwide. This webinar provides a brief overview of how the pathogen is transmitted, the diseases it causes, as well as some recommendations on how best to manage M. bovis infections. 

Duration | 24 min 30 sec
Language | English

A brown cow with barcoded yellow eartag
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BVD – Le programme de Indification des Suisse

En Suisse, le programme d’éradication de la diarrhée virale bovine (BVD) a débuté il y a douze ans. Depuis, différentes phases du programme ont été traversées, chacune comportant ses propres défis. Dr Valérie Bornand et Erina Panchaud, du Service de la sécurité alimentaire et des affaires vétérinaires (SAAV) du canton de Fribourg en Suisse, dirigent ce programme depuis 2008.

Duration | 1 h 13 min 28 sec
Language | French

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Efficient herd surveillance for mastitis using the modular bactotype Mastitis qPCR Test System

Presentation, World Buiatrics Congress in Sapporo

Duration | 15 min 06 sec
Language | English

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Доклад Себастьян Дину: Новая технология выделения нуклеиновых кислот из ветеринарных образцов

Sebastian Dinu from INDICAL on efficient nucleic acid extraction workflows 

Duration | 19 min 16 sec
Language | English (from 0 min 27 sec)

Increasing workflow efficiency with the IndiMag 48s and prefilled cartridges

Demo and expert discussion by Dr. Douglas Marthaler and Dr. Hayat Arzouk on how to optimize your extraction workflow with the IndiMag 48s and prefilled cartridges.

Duration | 49 min 55 sec
Language | English


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Educational webinars

  1. 30 November 2022

    Combating Avian Influenza: Sharing experiences between South-East Asia and Europe

  2. 5 May 2022

    Fast and versatile nucleic acid extraction - Demo of the IndiMag 48s

  3. 8 February 2022

    Air sampling with AeroCollect

  4. 2 November 2021

    ASF Strategy and Readiness

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