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INDICAL offers veterinary customers a broad range of products for rapid and reliable extraction and identification of SARS-CoV-2


Improving diagnostics to protect
animal and human health together


Carry your lab in your pocket!

INDICAL BIOSCIENCE is partnering with Biomeme Inc. to develop portable PON testing solutions for veterinary and food safety solutions

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INDICAL is a leader in molecular diagnostics for vet-specific applications. We provide solutions for diagnostic workflows, the protocols for their use, and the support that empowers our customers every day.

With a rich history beginning in 1996 as Labor Diagnostik Leipzig (LDL), we have established ourselves as an innovative, reliable, and forward-thinking laboratory and diagnostic solution provider – serving and working closely with private and state diagnostic laboratories around the world.

As of 2018, INDICAL is an independent company with renewed focus and ambition to achieve our mission: Improving diagnostics to protect animal and human health together.

To get there, we provide our customers with complete workflow solutions within molecular diagnostics and next generation sequencing – focusing on vet applications and the broader food value chain with a One Health agenda.

A partnership focused on improving diagnostics

The 2012 acquisition of LDL by QIAGEN, a leader in molecular diagnostics and life sciences, proved our successes and strengthened our capabilities, with a strategic partnership beginning in 2018 and continuing into the future.

The combination of INDICAL’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology platform for developing vet specific applications, together with QIAGEN’s capabilities, enables us to serve our customers with a suite of industry-leading diagnostic portfolios.

Through our strategic partnership with QIAGEN, we will drive innovation together, with customers, to improve diagnostics.