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INDICAL is a global biotech company with over two decades experience leading the development and commercialization of innovative diagnostic solutions for veterinary applications.


Welcome to the future of parasitology

OvaCyte Faecal Analyser – a faster, smarter way to identify and count intestinal parasites and trematodes

Svanovir ELISA

Get SVANOVIR assays exclusively from INDICAL

The SVANOVIR ELISA product range is now available from INDICAL.


Efficiently identify companion animal pathogens

ELISA kits for the reliable detection of antibodies to parasitic and vector-transmitted companion animal pathogens, the product line goes under the name AFOSA.

IndiMag for veterinary diagnostics
Indical SmartLab Subscription

Upgrade your extraction workflow

Receive everything you need for automated nucleic acid extraction with zero upfront investment.

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Larissa Fassina

We tried the IndiMag 48s when we needed a faster and more versatile sample extraction process. We really appreciate the extraction quality, and optimizing plastic use due to 3 flexible cartridge formats.

Huander Andreolla
Universidade Franciscana

The IndiMag 48s helped us handle increased sample volumes and move to automated extraction.

Laboratory Manager
Environmental laboratory

The IndiMag 48s gives us flexibility in daily sample volume variations. Now we can vary between 1-48 samples per run.

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Reliable results – and certainty for the future

For over two decades, our expert team has redefined reliability within veterinary diagnostic testing by increasing test accuracy, improving workflow efficiency, and ensuring supply in times of need.

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Customers are at the centre of everything we do. We innovate with customers to achieve technology and workflow excellence.

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Our experts actively participate in seminars and events around the world, speaking on a number of industry-wide topics and specialized subjects.

In addition, INDICAL is a committed sponsor of veterinary practice, research and science.

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