Introducing the IndiMag 48s

A compact and easy-to-use lab instrument for automated, magnetic bead extraction of nucleic acids from a broad range of samples.

IndiMag 48s

Reduce plastics and costs

Save plastic waste and costs by only using the consumables you need. Enabled by the flexible cartridge sizes for 1, 8, 24 samples.

Grow your business

Increase sample throughput with the same team. Enabled by the flexibility and speed to run 1 to 48 samples in 30 minutes.

Peace of mind

Increase user friendliness with the easy-to-use design. Enabled by preinstalled protocols and UV sterilization capabilities.

IndiMag 48s in action

See how it works, and which kits it is compatible with. Play video or download flyer.

The IndiMag 48s is a nucleic acid extraction instrument yielding high-quality results.

IndiMag for veterinary diagnostics

Modular cartridges

1-48 samples per run with flexible cartridge sizes to reduce unnecessary plastic waste and increase workflow flexibility.

Open system

Open system

Create your own protocols for even more flexibility.

Compact design

Compact design

Built to save valuable bench space.


User-friendly interface

Preinstalled protocols make the instrument easy-to-use from the moment of unboxing.

UV Sterilization

Built-in UV light

Reliable decontamination between runs with a built in UV lamp.

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The IndiMag 48s is a compact instrument that fits any lab.

IndiMag 48s specifications

Loading capacity

1 to 48 samples

Dimensions (cm)

36.4 (W) x 42.0 (D) x 38.6 (H)

Net weight

25 kg

Power requirements

100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz

Operating temperature

15-30°C (59-86°F)

Operating humidity

20-80% relative, non-condensing


7 inch color LCD touch screen; graphic interface

Protocol storage

Pre-loaded protocols for IndiMag Kits; capacity for 45 customer protocols

Warranty/service solutions

One year (additional service agreements and protection plans available)

1. User-friendly interface
Preinstalled protocols make the instrument easy to use from the moment of unboxing.

2. Built-in UV light
Reliable decontamination between runs with a built in UV lamp.

3. Modular workflow
1-48 samples per run with flexible cartridge sizes to reduce unnecessary plastic waste and increase workflow flexibility.

4. Compact design
Built to save valuable desk space.

5. Open system – No coding needed
Build your own protocols directly on the screen

Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings in 30 seconds

Submit your lab’s average number of samples and runs per week to calculate how much time, plastic waste and costs you can save with the IndiMag 48s.

customer insights

Customer story

"The IndiMag 48s is perfect to meet my customers' needs."

Frederic Bermann
Laboratoire des Tisons

Expert opinion


"It's plug-and-play. Protocols are preloaded, there's no need for calibration, and it can be used for different sample types."

Dr. Hayat Arzouk
Technical Sales Director

Performance data

Performance you can trust

The IndiMag Pathogen IM48 Cartridge and IndiMag Pathogen Kit deliver comparable reliable performance when used on the IndiMag 48s.

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Prefilled cartridges

Complement your workflow with prefilled IndiMag cartridges. A cartridge prefilled with reagents creates faster and more consistent workflows.

IndiMag Pathogen Cartridge
IndiMag 48s instrument open

SmartLab Subscription

Receive everything you need for automated nucleic acid extraction at zero upfront investment. 

Make your lab-life easier by upgrading your extraction workflow with the INDICAL SmartLab subscription.

Explore our consumables

Prefilled reagent cartridges for automated magnetic-bead based extraction of nucleic acids on IndiMag 48/48s

All-in-one box for rapid and automated purification of nucleic acids with reagents and plasticware included 

Reagents for rapid and automated purification of nucleic acids with plasticware excluded

Frequently asked questions

You can run between 1 and 48 samples with the IndiMag 48s. Our modular system reduces plastic waste by only using required consumables.

The typical run time is around 30 minutes.

In general, we provide our pathogen kits in two variants: prefilled and non-prefilled/bottled. Prefilled cartridges are sealed plastic consumables, preloaded with the required reagents. This significantly reduces the required pipetting steps and hence, hands-on time, while increasing overall workflow stability.

Our kits are also available in a bottled variant, if you prefer to fill and prepare them yourself.

The UV lamp is another tool to reduce manual workload in the lab. Using UV light, the IndiMag 48s can run a decontamination protocol to reduce the risks of cross-contamination.

The subscription model is our way of making it even easier for you to access the benefits of our platform. With no down payment required, you simply choose the number of samples and a predefined subscription run time and we’ll calculate the rest, with your choice of monthly or quarterly shipments.

The IndiMag product portfolio (instrument and kits) works with a variety of sample types. These include (but are not limited to) whole blood, serum, milk, swabs, tissue and feces. Some sample types may require pretreatment steps, with 200 µl of sample being the recommended volume.  For mastitis workflows, we offer mastitis kit. 

The IndiMag 48s comes with preinstalled protocols for use with INDICAL’s extraction kits. Additionally, customer-specific protocols can be saved on the instrument.

The IndiMag Pathogen Kit is also available for 96-well plate instruments, such as ThermoFisher’s KingFisher Flex, or the QIAGEN BioSprint 96. Protocols are available upon request.

The IndiMag Pathogen Kit,  extracts viral RNA and DNA and bacterial DNA.

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