NEW! Major changes to our PCR kits

virotype 2.0 assays

We are pleased to announce our updated, harmonized, and even more efficient range of virotype 2.0 PCR kits.†

These include:

The new validated, updated and streamlined virotype 2.0 family cycling protocol and reaction set-up virotype kits are INDICAL’s “latest and greatest”, featuring new product design and, most significantly, sharing one family cycling protocol across all assays.

The shared protocol translates to several new key benefits for you compared to our first-generation kits, notably:

  • Faster time to result with a total run time of ca. 60 minutes depending on cycler
  • Easier and more reliable PCR detection thanks to new simultaneous processing
  • Updated product design for improved reliability

Stay on top with INDICAL

The updates come following extensive product lifecycle management efforts at INDICAL, something we take very seriously.

This includes our data-driven routine checks (annual benchmarking) and sequencing initiatives, both essential steps to ensure the excellence of our virotype PCR product line.

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Thanks to our many collaborations and partnerships, we are proud to be at the forefront of pathogen mutation dynamics, enabling fast turnaround times for when it matters. These continuous efforts are notably reflected in our new virotype PRRSV 2.0 RT-PCR Kit.

Let’s continue to improve diagnostics together. For each 10,000 virotype PCR reactions you purchase from us each year, we’ll cover the sequencing of two samples of your choice. Simply share them with us – your contribution makes a difference.

Please refer to the chart below for more technical details and we encourage you to start upgrading your kits today.

New virotype 2.0 set up

New virotype 2.0 set up

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