Pioneering air sampling technology


INDICAL is proud to enter a strategic partnership with pioneering air sampling technology company AeroCollect.

The technology enables detection of pathogens earlier than clinical symptoms or shedding of pathogens. Results are gathered through a 3-step method that does not compromise on animal welfare.

  1. Walk around the farm for 5 minutes with the instrument to collect the sample
  2. Send sample to laboratory
  3. Get same day results for presence of bacteria or viruses

“The pioneering technology will facilitate easier, faster and more accurate sampling in vet diagnostics to support our ambition to improve animal health globally”, says Stefano Santarelli, CEO of INDICAL BIOSCIENCE.

Read the full press release here

AeroCollect in action 

AeroCollect® works by pulling a flow of air through a small sample chamber. When collecting samples, high voltage is applied to the test chamber. This creates an electric field across the sample chamber that captures and concentrates bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic particles in the sample chamber. The sample chamber is then sent to the laboratory where the content is analysed for pathogens using a qPCR analysis. The results are ready within one to two hours.

Watch the clip below to see how it works