INDICAL launches SmartLab subscription


Introducing INDICAL SmartLab subscription, a new offering that increases laboratories’ accessibility to flexible and automated nucleic acid extraction.

Commit to consumables, get the instrument at no upfront cost

The offering gives customers access to the IndiMag 48s instrument for automated nucleic acid extraction, as well as scheduled deliveries of the required consumables on a monthly or quarterly basis, service included, at no upfront payment. Customers can decide if they want to commit for 12, 24 or 36 months.

Customers talk, we listen

The purpose of the offering is to make diagnostics solutions more accessible to veterinary and environmental laboratories around the world. The INDICAL SmartLab subscription was co-created together with our customers. It was important for our customers to have flexibility in the length of the contract, which type and volume of consumables they want to use, says Dr. Moritz Kneipp, Senior Global Product Manager at INDICAL BIOSCIENCE.

Enables flexible scaling of laboratory business

“The INDICAL SmartLab subscription gives our customers flexibility in their business models,” says Kneipp. They can scale their laboratory business up or down depending on market demand. Our solution also reduces waste, as the laboratories can choose our flexible consumables sizes according to what they need, saving costs and plastic pollution. Further, the bundle of products and available support enhances consistency in the extraction workflow, overall providing customers with peace of mind.”


Reliable insights

“Automated and reliable nucleic acid extraction is the foundation for gathering clear insights about the pathogens and the pathogenic status of animals,” says Kneipp. “These insights help determine the best treatment path forward, yielding the best outcome possible.”

Accurate treatment for better health

However, Kneipp adds, perhaps most importantly: “The increased accessibility to consistent diagnostics worldwide that the INDICAL SmartLab subscription provides will enable accurate treatment of diseases, better animal health and therefore a reduction of the spread of diseases amongst animals and humans.”

Learn more about our IndiMag 48s 

The nucleic acid extraction instrument can be received at no upfront payment as part of the INDICAL’s SmartLab Subscription. Watch the short video below.