Customer view – Flexible nucleic acid extraction for rigorous needs


Meet Frederic Bermann, the driving force behind Laboratoire des Tisons, a laboratory totally dedicated to animal health. The laboratory is located an hour north of Paris in the equine mecca, Coye-la-Forêt. 

Ready to handle varying sample volumes

On a regular day, the lab receives anything from 1 to >50 samples per day, so managing through put can be challenging. In addition, Frederic’s customers’ needs are rigorous. Test results are required within hours, for example to facilitate the movement of horses from country to country or in cases of a suspected disease outbreak.

 “The IndiMag 48s instrument is perfect to meet my customers’ needs.”

Frederic says, “The IndiMag 48s instrument is perfect to meet my customers’ needs”. Due to the flexible cartridge sizes (1, 8 or 24 samples) the team uses only the plastics they need. Furthermore, the speed of the nucleic acid extraction instrument – with a run time of just 30 minutes – enables them to provide test results fast.

One instrument for a wide range of sample types

The lab primarily tests respiratory samples with three main sample types. Virus detection uses nasopharyngeal swabs, while bacterial detection uses tracheal lavage samples. The lab also uses buffy coat samples in the detection of blood parasites piroplasmosis and anaplasmosis.

From spin column to magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction

The introduction of automation to the lab’s sample extraction workflow has increased its capacity and throughput – without increasing the demands placed on Frederic’s team. Automation means increased flexibility, reliability and speed in the workflow and frees up hands-on time for staff to work on other things.

Solution-oriented service team to support application

INDICAL support is always on hand. Frederic appreciates working with the INDICAL team, describing them as cheerful and solution-oriented. He is highly satisfied with the collaboration and the support his lab receives.

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