Highlights from ADILVA


In October, we attended the ADILVA meeting in Bourges, France – together with around 300 other attendees – and what a great event it was!

We usually see a lot of interest in our innovative technology at our booths, but delegates were super-interested in the new OvaCyte technology we have on board at INDICAL. OvaCyte is a faecal egg counting device for intestinal parasites and was developed by Telenostic. OvaCyte facilitates automated parasite detection in equine and bovine species using AI and certainly generated a big buzz.

Outside of the scientific sessions, there was a great gala dinner with games and dancing, which everyone enjoyed. The INDICAL team want to thank the event’s organisers, especially Caroline Locatelli.

Learn more about state-of-the art OvaCyte technology.

Top image: The INDICAL team at our booth – Jorge de la Garza, Leslie MoussiHayat Arzouk and Pauline Ruggiero Lagarde.